Canada 150+ Sesquicentennial Parties

Beaver Party

Half Time Sports Show

September 30 at 8 PM
Terrance Houle “Ghost Days”
Spazio Performativo, 10816 95 St
Free, but donations welcome

December 16 at 8 PM
Bridget Jessome “How To Say Goodbye: An Obituary for Canadian History”
Spazio Performativo, 10816 95 St
Free, but donations welcome. All donations will help support The Bissell Centre.

The Sesquicentennial Parties are Mile Zero Dance’s contribution to the many C150 celebrations. MZD recognizes that the land that we call Canada and it’s first peoples were around long before Confederation. The aim of these parties is to celebrate the different sides of the Canadian peoples and history, to support as many professional artists as possible, and to bring our audiences live performance experiences like no other. 

This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150+, a collaboration between the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast. 

December 16 at 8 PM
Bridget Jessome “How To Say Goodbye: An Obituary for Canadian History”

How to Say Goodbye: An Obituary for Canadian History will easily be the best funeral you’ve ever attended. Be prepared to bid farewell to a long year of Canada 150 with performances that will celebrate the small, random and dark histories of Canada’s past.

Performances by:
Nicole Shafenacker and Ashley Johnson will be presenting Membrane. What secrets, desires, shadows or hopes are passed down through blood memory and where do they reside in us now? Can we locate these memories through dialogue with the Alberta landscape? Can we locate them within the emotional geography of what is means to be a woman on this land?

Mpoe Mogale, Brandon Wint, Adesewa Adeleye, Lebogang Disele have collaborated to present What (Black) Life Requires. What Life Requires is an interdisciplinary performance which fuses modern, contemporary and ballet dance styles with spoken word poetry to explore the resilience, ingenuity, diversity and brilliance of Black Life. The piece is a powerful expression of Black creative unity, diversity, and womanhood, which explores the tension between personal narrative and collective experience within the context of Black life in Canada.

Lady Vanessa Cardona will be performing Por Donde Empiezo? This piece will take you through the journey of a Colombian, first generation, refugee, immigrant woman and her search for where her story begins. This performance explores the resistance, existence and discovery of what it means to be a latinx woman with southern indigenous roots in Turtle Island. Through poetry and movement, Lady Vanessa will take us on a spiritual journey on how to reconcile with both her indigenous and Spanish colonial roots that navigate through her pulsing blood on the daily. She also talks about what it means to stand in solidity with the Indigenous community of Turtle Island. What does being a treaty person mean? Where do I begin? Por Donde Empiezo?

Bridget Jessome has collaborated with Carmen Nieuwenhuis and Jom Comyn to create 1976 Spring/Summer. A tribute to the infamous Eaton’s Catalogue, something they know almost nothing about.

Ending the night will be Bad Buddy, reminding us that every funeral can be reimagined as a celebration of life. Prepare yourself.

The evening will also be the opening of a new visual art installation by Candace Makowichuk.