MZD’s interdisciplinary variety shows with a wide array of emerging and experimental artists. An all-ages and all-embracing event with an amazing new group of curators from a variety of backgrounds and artistic practices.

NASRA (NASRA) is a queer, Muslim, Oromo curator/creator living in Amiskwaciw?skahikan (Edmonton) on Treaty 6 Territory. They were the Youth Poet Laureate of Edmonton from 2016 to 2017 and are currently the Director of Sister to Sister, an artistic showcase for/by femmes and women of colour. They are also the Festival Director of Black Arts Matter—Alberta’s interdisciplinary Black arts festival—and were the 2017 recipient of the Mayor’s Emerging Artist award. NASRA’s first poetry chapbook A God Dance in Human Cloth with Glass Buffalo Publishing celebrates the soft warrior in all of us; a call to step into our divinity and into ourselves, with fists unclenched.

Who are we when we acknowledge the parts of us hidden away, stolen, swallowed? What happens when with out apology, we reach into the darkness and dare it to reach back?

S H A D O W is a multidisciplinary exploration of the dark that is born from light.


Kavita Sundar | chant • spoken word poetry • dance
Mortal Soul is the diaspora experience of an Indo Canadian Woman navigating discipline, identity & freedom.

Effy Adar | music • performance art • dance
A song sings me so i don’t choke on my tongue. to be or not to be? sing or die? that is the question. a performance about body, silence, voice, and unprocessed pain.

Charlie Diaz aka Lona Laylow // Noiwav | music • dance
A release of the pain and anxiety of highschool and male dominated work environments; this piece will also be about the frustration of testosterone driven robots.

Simone A. Medina Polo as Andy Buttholé | storytelling • performance art
A cheeky performance about the backstage interactions of philosophers; an opportunity to see what their actions and mundanity tell us about their ideas.

NASRA | music • spoken word poetry
SALVE the ep is a 6 part herbal blend of lavender, Black womanism, neo soul and sage.

Lady Vanessa | spoken word poetry