MZD’s interdisciplinary variety shows with a wide array of emerging and experimental artists. An all-ages and all-embracing event with an amazing new group of curators from a variety of backgrounds and artistic practices.

Curator bio/statement
My birth certificate says ‘Steven Robert Pirot’, but you can call me Unkl Stiv. Regular Dirt Buffet audiences might recall me performing in Dirt Buffet Cabarets #9 and #28 under the moniker SPIROT. While kicking artistic dirt in this town since the early 90s significantly visible bullet points on my resume have been leadership positions with Nextfest & Azimuth Theatre. In my career I have put major emphases on the production/presentation of new original works & the development and showcasing of younger artists.

Since 2016 I have been Artistic Director for iHuman Studios where I supervise a team of creative people working in studios for Fashion, Visual Art, and Music. A component of iHuman Youth Society, iHuman Studios exists to provide a safe space to a demographic of 12 to 24 year-olds in need of a safe space for expression. iHuman has been in existence in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (aka Edmonton) for over twenty years with a goal to promote positive personal development and social change, and operates on a harm-reduction model philosophically organized around the pillars of Caring, Authenticity, and Creativity.

Tonight’s DBC will be, like all other Dirt Buffets, multi-disciplinary, but all the artists will be from iHuman Studios. Content include highlights from iHuman’s 2018 performances at The Fringe, Interstellar Rodeo, and Nextfest, as well as video collaborations, and work generated in our Visual Art and Fashion studios. As a host, I’ll be drawing upon my personal history with iHuman that goes back over 15 years, so if you are curious about the story of iHuman and seek to learn more about this unique organization, then this show will certainly scratch that itch. That being said, an interest in iHuman is not a pre-req. Each of the artists’ tonight have their own indie cred, and have demonstrated the ability to stand on any stage alone.

As a host, Pirot will be drawing upon his personal history with iHuman that goes back over 15 years. Pirot has curated a multi-disciplinary show with all the artists from iHuman Studios. iHuman runs three studios: Music, Visual Art, and Fashion. On February 7, Pirot will introduce us to various artists from these three disciplinaries:

1) The performers of music & spoken word.

Dr. Biz (aka Mungulu Misinga),
Jayden Paz,
Tyler Bruce
Faves Favel
Zaccardi (aka Taylor Saidan)

2) The visual artist we will be featuring is

Blossom (Instagram handle: @artbybko)

3) The Red Dress Project is a collaborative studio project based in iHuman’s Fashion Studio. There is a performative component that will feature

Alison Thomas

and includes contributions from:

Brytan, Cain, Sunshine, Shannon, Cylo, Aisha, Brin, Jne Tatianna, Mary Jo, Tessa, Ashley, Tati, Shenice, Amber, Taylor, Shelby, Liza, Jules, Frances, Roberta, Mary, Lee Aaron, Tameka, Sasha, Katie, Macey