This salon asks artists to interpret dust and the ways it exists in this city physically, spiritually, and intellectually. What is the dust we breathe composed of? What is this substance that we are all becoming?

Hosted by Liam Coady. Featuring:

Bill Bourne
Mackenzie Brown
Neo Chokpelleh
Paul Giang
Allara Gooliaff
Jen Mesch
Caitlin Sian-Richards
Lady Vanessa
Katherine Semchuk 
Kai Villneff

Show opening of “Last Minute” by Beth Pederson
6:30 PM


Beth’s work has long been situated in her interest in the built environment and everyday objects that surround us. She is often drawn to commonplace objects and spaces for their aesthetic and formal qualities such as their colour, shape, and texture. She is also fascinated in the way light casts onto objects and into spaces and has the ability to provide a sense of drama to an otherwise ordinary scene or everyday object.

Using photo documentation of objects and spaces that I encounter in daily life, she is able to digitally arrange and manipulate images highlighting aspects of the objects and scenes that first captured her interest. As a result of a digital editing process, Beth is able to assemble collages that are later used as painting references. Within the compositions that she creates, it is intended to shift the viewer’s perception of what they typically think of as being mundane into something of interest and contemplation.

About the artist
Beth Pederson was born in Fort McMurray, AB and later moved to Leduc, AB in her early teens. At a young age, Beth knew that she wanted to become an artist and spent countless hours drawing and making things from whatever she could find around her. During her high school art education, she discovered painting which quickly became her medium of choice. Beth continued to pursue art and completed a Fine Arts Diploma at MacEwan University in 1999 and then transferred to NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) where she received both a BFA (2002) and a BDes (2003). Beth has continued to work as a practicing artist since she graduated from NSCAD and occasionally exhibits in Edmonton, AB. Beth’s work is in many private collections throughout Edmonton and is also in the public collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.