JAN 10 & 11 | 8 P.M.

JAN 10 & 11 | 8 P.M.

Experiment #4 – Resilience

photo by Tim Nguyen

As a key contemporary notion, resilience has become shorthand for considerations of how to
survive in the face of pressing issues of the current period. Whether this refers to the resilience
of artists, of individuals, of communities, of species or of the planet as a whole, questions
around who may be empowered and/or enabled for survival in the face of extreme challenges is
a concern that touches humanity on both intimate and global scales. The Experiment #4 will
address this theme, considering, in particular, how such discourses impact or intersect with the
body and performances involving the body. Through works that experiment with discipline, form
and content, the evening will chart new pathways through the tricky questions of resilience,
delineating how the body and its radical performances can illustrate empowered – and
potentially surprising – prospects for marginalized and/or disregarded individuals, species and

Marie France Forcier, Melanie Kloetzel, Linnea Swan, Rosanna Terracciano

2019-20 ARTISTS
James Gnam (Vancouver)
Thea Patterson (Edmonton)
Marie France Forcier (Calgary)
Melanie Kloetzel (Calgary)