MAY 22 AND 23



May 22
7:00 pm MDT

May 23
2:00 pm MDT

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photo Jeremy Gordaneer | dancer Rachel Harris

Silvering in Confinement

From May 4-22, choreographer Thea Patterson will be in residence at Mile Zero Dance with her partner, scenographer and visual artist Jeremy Gordaneer. During this time, they will be reimagining the show Silvering, meant to have premiered with a live audience on May 22, 2020. Now- of course, this is no longer possible. There will be no show, no coming together at an appointed time shoulder to shoulder, but we can still try. This other “coming together” will emerge from the event as it unfolds through the residency.

Silvering, a gently playful and tender look at the connection between the dancing body and a menagerie of (mostly) silver objects, looked at, and questioned how it is to be with each other and to be with the inanimate, where things and bodies hold equal space, equal agency, and equal abilities to affect and be affected as a continued unfolding relationality. These principles will continue to guide the work we do within the new confines and potentialities of the COVID context and the sudden intrusion of unexpected forms of mediation and new methods of transmission. Everything has had to shift. This shift, while initially jarring, is also filled with possibility.

The MZD studio will be our confinement frame. It will become a cave, a shelter, a home away from home in which we will continue to work with silver things and to explore the relationship of bodies and objects through choreography, scenography and sculpture, creating choreo-sculptural landscapes through layers of mediation and framing as we imagine also the camera, the screen and the flatness as part of the space we are in. We will re- imagine how to welcome those not physically present into our world.

This project includes an amazing team of collaborators across a wide range of time zones, including: performer Nancy Sandercock, videographer Eleonora Barna and composer Respectful Child (Pacific time), scenographer Jeremy Gordaneer, performer Jeannie Vanderkerkhove, and videographer Brittany Ball Snellen (Mountain time), performer Elinor Fueter and videographer Sigrid Patterson (Eastern time) and dramaturge Lois Brown (Newfoundland time). Connecting and communicating through such platforms as zoom and the old-fashioned telephone, as well as through video, written and photographic exchanges, the intent will be to create and share via the various platforms a web-like accumulation of interactions, conversations, and experiments: these become the tapestry of the installation and the artifacts of our confinement.


Some question that will guide us:

How can we be together across distance and time?

How can we think with and through liveness and three -dimensionality through the layers of “flat” mediation? Our bodies as mediated by unstable technology?

Can the mediated also be live? Where does the “live” begin and end?

How can we create intimate spaces in a time of enforced distance?

Can the objects comfort us?

What is the role of touch and loss of touch? Can the tactile be expressed without being felt?

Can we think with these new material conditions and the objects that they bring—cameras, computers, projectors, with the same intentions.   Can we consider how we are with our bodies, the absent bodies, the silver object bodies and the bodies of the present/absent/present viewer in whatever form that takes?

Concept and choreographer: Thea Patterson (Edmonton)
Scenographer and lighting designer: Jeremy Gordaneer (Edmonton)
Dramaturge: Lois Brown (St John’s)
Performers: Elinor Fuete (Montreal), Nancy Sandercock (Los Angeles), Jeanie Vanderkerkhove (Edmonton)
Documentation: Bittany Ball Snellen (Edmonton), Sigrid Patterson (Montreal) and Eleonora Barna ( Los Angeles)
Composer: respectfulchild (Saskatoon)
Stage Manager and tech support: Brayden Saunders
Tech Director MZD: Trent Crosby

Silvering was not possible without the dedicated collaboration of dancer and performer Rachel Harris.

This project was supported by:
Canada Council for the Arts
Le conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec
Edmonton Art Council
as well as residency support from CCOV, Habitations/Tangente, Studio 303 and MZD.