*UPDATE* In light of the situation concerning Covid-19 we are working on having all of our programming online in some form. Due to this our April Dirt Buffet Cabaret has been restructured and will feature asn Event by Thirdspace Playback Theatre as part of  our April Residency with artists Paul Giang and Lucy Lu.

For more info on the residency connected to Paul Giang and Lucy Lu’s please click here.

Dirt Buffet Cabarets

MZD’s signature variety shows feature an array of artists from various media and backgrounds, curated by artists with a distinct lens to performance practice in the city.


Theme: An Evening of Unprecedented Failures

Artists and professionals have been selected from a variety of disciplines and challenged to create a work that is not within their usual medium. It may be surprising, sublime, or terrible.
The artists were selected to represent a spectrum of disciplines within art. Though, none of it matters given that they will be doing precisely not that.

Amanda Buchner
Amanda Buchner is an improvisor and is entering her third year of an Honours Neuroscience degree. Once, she had to do some realistic drawings for a science competition, and this task brought her to tears. So naturally, she will be painting for the Dirt Buffet.

Sharon Uppal
Sharon has been a player with Rapid Fire since 2012, and has written and performed sketch comedy with Blackout. She was an improv student with Rapid Fire and with New York’s Magnet Theatre. Her piece will explore the formulation of thought and emotion.

Simon Glassman
Simon Glassman is a caricaturist whose previous clients include Bioware, Microsoft, The City of Edmonton, Google and Shaw He will be performing a movement piece.

Shima aka Dwennimmen
Shima aka Dwennimmen is an amiskwaciy-wâskahikan(Edmonton)-born spoken word artist who embodies the ancient meaning of her chosen pen name. Dwennimmen is the name of an ancient Adinkra symbol, which means strength, humility, learning and wisdom. She is also a budding beat maker who experiments with the Ableton Push 2 to create pleasing, jarring and
intriguing sounds.

Joey Lucius
Joey is an actor and educator who spent 3 seasons working as a principle cast member on YTV’s Gemini nominated series ‘That’s So Weird'(2009-2012). Other television credits include ‘Working the Engels'(2014) and ‘Orphan Black'(2014). He will be performing a medley of rap, virtuosic guitar, and tender lullabies.

Tim Mikula
Tim Mikula is a visual artist, performer, and disgraced journalist. His work has appeared in the Edmonton Journal, Newoundland and Labrador Independent, festivals in Vancouver, Bellingham and Atlanta, Latitude 53, theatres, bars, the woods, and a giant wooden robot head next to a gazebo.


Theme: Taste My French

An interdisciplinary evening digging into the French tradition of cabaret with all of its contradictions and quirks. Taste my French is gonna be tasty, nasty, cheeky and fun. Fashion! Music! Dance! Food! All of the above! At the same time!

Isabelle Rousseau
Isabelle is a performer and a dance and movement educator.
She is excited to be curating this cabaret and to get back to the stage after being on hiatus as the director of La Girandole Dance Association where she had the opportunity to work with the community and its diversity.
She is on the MZD Education Team, and is a certified DANCEPL3Y instructor. She loves teaching children and adults in different dance and movement disciplines and programs.
She works with Foolish Operations of Vancouver as a performer and an educator.
She is also part of the Authentic Performance Collective alongside Sonja Myllymaki and other artists to create responsive work.


Alexis De Villa
Alexis is a Pilipinx living in Amiskwaciwaskahikan (Edmonton) on Treaty 6 territory. She is a multidisciplinary artist currently exploring textiles, two-dimensional composition, and dance. Her accountabilities include identity politics, material culture, fashion and textiles, and complex theory. Through her art, Alexis aims to open conversations that facilitate reflexivity and growth in individual identity while being cognisant of sustainable values and individual narratives.

Sarah Dharshi
Sarah Dharshi is a local dance educator, the founder and creative director of BBM Dance Company, boxing fitness coach at Champs Boxing, Public Relations student at MacEwan University and Vice-President External of Kinesis: Edmonton Choreographer’s Ball, residing on Treaty 6 territory. Having trained in Bollywood styles since the age of four, Sarah decided to pursue hip-hop and urban styles when she joined 3rd Street Beat in 2007. She founded BBM Dance Company in 2010, a dance crew with the mission of inspiring creativity, empowering femmes of color and promoting independence through movement. Through directing BBM and her work in public relations and event planning, Sarah has created multiple platforms for her and fellow WOCs to address racism, xenophobia, feminism, mental health awareness and politics. Through sharing personal stories via public speaking, fitness and dance, Sarah hopes to continue to inspire her students to use their voices as catalysts for positive change and create a narrative through her dance instruction that promotes compassion for all

Sylvie Boisclair
I’m all about movement – moving the body, moving the mind, moving the soul, moving away, moving the community around me. Movement has been the guiding force of this life since 1961”. www.bigfou.com

Rita Chehaveb
Rita started dancing at the age of 15 with Al-Jabal Dance, alongside her mother and sisters. She has been consistently involved in the belly dance community in Edmonton, performing at various cultural events and festivals around the city. Recently, she has started offering belly dance workshops, and is the communication liaison for Al-Jabal Dance. Rita currently dances with a total of three dance groups, and is certified in Zumba Fitness, Pound Fitness, and Barre Above.Find out more about her dance events through her dance group, Al-Jabal.
Facebook: Al-Jabal Dance
Instagram: @aljabal_dance

Lady Tenderflake
Appreciative of the accolades and awards she has accumulated, Lady T, big in heart and in stature has been performing everywhere the Henday will take her with her only goal to give you a good time. Known for her fundraising efforts, her heartfelt and hilarious numbers, and for making you feel on the good side of inappropriate and uncomfortable, this Queen of class and sass will ensnare you! She is all flirty entertainment and a joy to behold; she is your Lady T!

Doreen Prei
Doreen Prei began her culinary path in Germany, where she trained at First Floor, a Michelin-star rated restaurant in a five-star hotel in Berlin. After successfully completing her apprenticeship, Chef Prei put her training to work at the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin in Ireland. Still wishing to expand her knowledge, she then took a position at a small Michelin-star rated restaurant in the heart of Dublin, where she learned the art of butchery. Soon thereafter she was lured away by her former Sous Chef to join the team at the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, which was the pride of the newly opened Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt. Chef Prei is delighted to bring her European flair to Edmonton, where she served as the restaurant chef for the Harvest Room at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, Chef de Cuisine at Zinc Restaurant and Head of Culinary Development at the Edmonton Petroleum Club. After her second child was born she was self employed for 3 years. Now back at Zinc as the Executive Chef she is combining local cuisine with a comfort approach. You can listen to her weekly segment on CBC Radio Active on Thursdays at 4:40 pm.

Émanuel Dubbeldam
Émanuel Dubbeldam is a queer francophone theatre artist based in Edmonton. He has a love for the ridiculous and is always looking for ways to make his art less wasteful. He is currently the co-host of Radio-Canada’s children’s television program ONIVA! Émanuel’s play À vendre will be featured in L’UniThéâtre’s 2019-2020 public reading series in November as well as the Alberta Queer Calendar Project in February 2020.

Masani St Rose
A native Calgarian who was immersed in dancing since the tender age of 3, specializing in West African and Caribbean dance. Upon the introduction to dance, Masani found passion for the West African culture and style. It was through training under Michèle Moss-Johnston at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, she was able to build her foundation. Still working very closely with Michèle Moss-Johnston and various other artists from Guinea, West Africa, she finds every opportunity to take master classes from artists from various regions of Africa including, Congo, Uganda, Ghana, Mali, Guinea and Zimbabwe. Throughout the years, Masani has worked with various studios and professional groups across Canada. It is her mission to keep the art and culture alive from soul to sole!

Megan Beaupré
Megan graduated from MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts program in 2018 and has been teaching dance at La Girandole. She has training in various styles and loves exploring their similarities/differences along with continuing to learn new dance styles. She has had the opportunity to do just that with this project, as she has never had any formal training in African dance, and hopes you will enjoy the performance as much as she loved working on it.


Theme: Mamawi- An All Indigenous Variety Show

The catalyst was for this show was to have an all Indigenous variety show. All the incredible performers are from the Indigenous community, featuring performers from traditional drummers, to two spirited burlesque!

Mackenzie Brown
Mackenzie Brown is a First Nations Cree woman from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, currently residing in Amiskwaciwaskahikan, Edmonton. She is a performer, drummer, tourism entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for at-risk youth in the Edmonton area. Mackenzie and her mom perform as “Warrior Women”. They drum and teach around Alberta for the Northern Alberta Teachers Conference, the annual Jasper Dark Skies Festival, Youth Dream Catchers Conference, Canada Day, Aboriginal Day festivities and more. Along with drumming, Mackenzie is also an avid acrylic artist and traditional First Nations crafts artisan. Her art has been featured in the Pump House Gallery, the Edson Gallery Museum, the Gray Gallery Grant MacEwan, recognized for the Alberta Indian Arts and Crafts Award of 2017, featured for the Alberta Business Competition 2017 and sold to people travelling world wide at Jasper Park Lodge. She is the recent recipient of the 2019 Esquao Award for Children’s Future.


Faves is a young Indigenous artist who has been working on his craft for the past 4-5 years through Hip-Hop and Poetry. He uses it as an outlet to speak passionately about the problems he’s faced growing up like homelessness, addiction, and oppression. Faves is also an acronym for Favourite Adolescent Voices Everyone’s Silenced.


Sissy Thiessen
Sissy Thiessen is a Treaty 6 Nakota Sioux, Cree & German Indigenous cultural facilitator, Jingle Dress dancer, crafter/beader, spoken word poet and creative writer from Edmonton, Alberta. She studied Communications & Journalism at Mount Royal University and has won various awards in the areas of community enrichment, cultural involvement and journalism. For the past 3 years, she has been living her passion of educating Albertans of all ages on Indigenous history, issues & culture through dance, crafting, play and the written word. As a spoken word poet, Sissy also works to bring awareness to social issues around body image, mental health, race and self identity. She currently works in her community of Edmonton, Alberta as a facilitator of the Kairos Blanket Exercise, Powwow dancer & instructor, circle facilitator and youth programmer.

Chasidy Gray
Chasidy Gray is a Woodland Cree woman living in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a poet and activist, with a passion for reflecting on various indigenous issues through her writing. She is an active participant in nêhiyaw ceremonies and communities. She is a role model for the young women and girls in her life. Chasidy has overcome many personal obstacles in her life which allows her to express herself in a vulnerable way through poetry, and over-all allow her words to resonate with many audiences.


Iskotew Iskwewak

Ayla Modeste, Jocelyn Louis, Camille Louis, Teneil Whiskeyjack and Connie LeGrande are five Indigenous (cree) women who bring performance art in the form of dance, acting, singing and ceremony. We perform at an array of events including dinner theatres, burlesque performances, indigenous performances etc. In every performance we commit to taking the audience on a journey through our stories. We share these vivid stories, often in vulnerability, from a desire to heal not just our own past but also the past of our ancestral lineage.

We believe that our sacred bodies are guiding us to express ourselves authentically. As we share the stories that emerge from our sexy imagination, we honour the power that exists within each one of our uniquely creative spirits.



Theme: A Vaudeville Revival

In the olden days there was only one reliable source where wonder, elegance and the outrageous could co-mingle over cocktails. A single place where the odd gathered and others watched closely. Times may have changed, but this world still thrives amidst the technological era.

Using a blend of sparkly friends and revitalized nostalgia, host Kidd Crimson will ring in the new decade with a modern take of the Vaudeville theatre. Featuring a variety of performances including juggling, burlesque, daring feats and comedic personalities. Turn off your radios and mark your calendar, it’s a revival you won’t want to miss!

Lolita Mignon
Birthed by burlesque clowns and babysat by drag queens, Lolita Mignon has a few tricks tucked away in her garter belt. She’s a professional kitten wrangler, unintentional clown and prime cut performer. Lolita is also a founding member or Fever Dream Revue, and a co-producer of Sinners Burlesque! She is sweet and savoury, and she will leave you longing for her tenderloin.

Instagram – @lolitamignon
Facebook – Lolita Mignon

Betsy Ryder
Betsy has been on the dancing stage for most of her life with a background in hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern dance, and ballet. As a burlesque dancer she brings a special twist in her routines that are sure to put a smile to your face and bring the twinkle out in your eyes. Now Betsy has branched out from all her great roots to become a co-founder of Black Label Burlesque. She went from the sweet girl next door to the sweet girl that has a dirty little secret.


Lucian Lapearl
This luminescent lively lover is mesmerizing and memorable. They are a founder of burlesque troupe The Glam-A-Rays, and can be found shaking it with the beauties of House of Hush Burlesque. They have Magic Mike moves and love to dance to bumpin’ tunes, especially at Edmonton’s freakiest queer cabaret All Tease All Shade. She’s sweet, she’s weird and she sometimes dance with a beard!

Instagram – @lunalapearl
Facebook – Luna Lapearl

Jay the Juggling Magician
Jay the Juggling Magician is an artist who strives to create true circus magic. On a daily basis they are disconnecting what is and isn’t real and creating priceless feelings of wonder. It is these feelings that inspires them to creating ideas to catch you off guard as often as they can!

Instagram – @jaythejugglingmagician
Facebook – Jay Chun

Tianna the Traveller
Tianna the Traveller is an international stuntwoman and escape artist always in search of adventure. With charm and a cheeky smile she has entertained audiences in 17 countries and 3 & 1/2 languages. She has performed at the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, AMA Resorts, in every major Australian city, at outdoor festivals across Canada, for the Mayor of London, and in an empty fountain in Stockholm.

Instagram: @tiannatravels
Website: www.tiannathetraveller.com