Classes and Workshops

Class Prices & Location:

$100 for 10-Class Card, which can be used for various classes offered at MZD. Class cards can be purchased at the studio during office hours (Mon – Fri, 12pm – 4pm) or before a regularly scheduled class.
$15 Regular drop in
$12 MZD Member drop in
$15 Annual Memberships

All classes take place at
Spazio Performativo,
10816 95 Street

Info/Registration: 780 424 1573

For Authentic Movement and Syntonics, please email to register.


Classes run January 14 – April 18, 2019 unless otherwise stated

Mondays 5:30–7:30 pm
Improv and Composition with Richard Lee

The class is an open-level contemporary class with a focus on improvisation and score-making for solo, duet, and ensemble dancing.

Mondays 7–9 pm
Contact Improvisation with Gerry Morita

An all-levels, safe introduction to Contact Improvisation with instructor Gerry Morita. A two-hour class that explores falling, rolling, partnering, and play. Please wear long sleeves, pants with knee coverage, optional knee pads, and no jewellery.

Tuesdays 9:00–10:15 am
Morning Yoga with Sebastien Bolessa

An all-levels Sattva Yoga class. Sattva Yoga is an expression of Vinyasa, Hatha and Raja Yoga. It begins with Sun Salutations, emphasizing synchronized breathing and movement, followed by the introspection of added time spent in Hatha postures. At the end of the class we shift toward Raja Yoga, deepening our awareness of each breath, and developing our meditation.

We encourage you to bring:
• Your Yoga mat.
• Clothing suited for moving and sweating.
• Yoga blocks, Cushions, bolsters, etc.
• Water to drink (ideally only before and after the practice).

Tuesdays 5:30–7 pm (Jan 15 – Feb 26, 2019)
Syntonics with Isabelle Rousseau (Pre-registration required)

Syntonics® is Judith Koltaï’s unique synthesis of the Bertherat Method of “anti-exercises” and Charlotte Selver’s sensory awareness work. Learn more

Tuesdays 7–9 pm
Butoh with Sonja Myllymaki

Butoh is an avant garde dance form that arose in post war Japan as a subversive response to the crises of the modern age. It sources from and gives expression to that which is hidden, unconscious and interior. This class draws on embodiment and meditation practices, shamanic work, authentic movement, and improvisational structures to explore the full range of what we are as human animals, light and dark, innocent, absurd, tender and violent. This work is definitely not just for dancers, but for anyone interested in exploring through the body their charges, their deep memories, their sense of what it is to be alive. We’ll be getting into some seriously weird and beautiful places.

Wednesdays 10–1130 am
Noguchi Taiso with Gerry Morita

Japanese release work developed by Michizo Noguchi that allows you to learn to move with a “water body.” All levels welcome.

Thursdays 10 am–12 pm (Jan 17 – Feb 28, 2019)
Authentic Movement with Isabelle Rousseau (Pre-registration required)

Authentic Movement is based on movement impulses that lie within each one of us. Rooted in the principles of expressive dance and Jungian Depth Psychology, it has evolved into a widely practiced body-based discipline, which comprises guidelines and a defined structure. Learn more

Thursdays 7–8:30 pm (Begins Jan 24, 2019 – No class Feb 7, 28 or Mar 7)
Physical Actor Training with Brennan Campbell 

A high-energy exploration into the art of acting. By contrasting the incredible discipline of the Suzuki Method with the collaborative spontaneity of The Viewpoints, these classes offer a well-rounded, physical approach to performance. Students will cultivate dynamic stage presence, focus, vocal quality, ensemble awareness, emotional depth, creativity, and sweat. Expect to be challenged as we explore the “crisis” of performance, the act of being watched, and learn to embrace the present moment. This work is ideal for actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, circus performers, musicians, writers, students, and the general public. Please note: This is a physically demanding class. Please wear clothing that is suitable for movement. Suzuki training requires Socks or Japanese Tabi (if you have them) to be worn.

Saturdays 11–12 pm (Jan 19, Feb 2, Mar 23, Apr 20, May 4, Jun 1)
Family Dance with Rebecca Sadowski 

Family Dance invites children, parents, grandparents, and friends to experience the magic of dance in a one-hour class taught by professional dancer Rebecca Sadowski. $15 for a family of four. 



December 10-14, 2018
Winter Gaga Intensive with James Viveiros

October 12-14, 2018
Fall Contact Intensive with Andrew Harwood

March 19-23, 2018
Spring Butoh/Noguchi Taiso Intensive with Yuko Kaseski and Mari Osanai

March 9, 2018
James Viveiros, Gaga/people

March 5-9, 2018
James Viveiros, Gaga/dancers

December 11–15, 2017
Authentic Movement with Tedi Tafel

November 23, 2017
James Viveiros, Gaga/people

November 20–24, 2017
James Viveiros, Gaga/dancers

November 13–17, 2017
Justine Chambers Masterclass