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Classes and Workshops

Class Prices & Location:

$100 for 10-Class Card, which can be used for various classes. Purchase it at Eventbrite.
$15 Regular drop in
$12 MZD Member drop in
$15 Annual Memberships

All classes take place at
Spazio Performativo,
10816 95 Street

Info/Registration: 780 424 1573


Mondays 7–9 pm
Contact Improvisation with Gerry Morita

An all-levels, safe introduction to Contact Improvisation with instructor Gerry Morita. A two-hour class that explores falling, rolling, partnering, and play. Please wear long sleeves, pants with knee coverage, optional knee pads, and no jewellery.

Tuesdays 5:30–7 pm

Syntonics with Isabelle Rousseau

Syntonics® is Judith Koltaï’s unique synthesis of the Bertherat Method of “anti-exercises” and Charlotte Selver’s sensory awareness work. Learn more

Tuesdays 7–9 pm

Butoh with Sonja Myllymaki

A ritualistic journey deep into the somatic body with instructor Sonja Myllymaki

Wednesdays 10–1130 am

Noguchi Taiso with Gerry Morita

Japanese release work developed by Michizo Noguchi that allows you to learn to move with a “water body.” All levels welcome.

Thursdays 10 am–12 pm
Authentic Movement with Isabelle Rousseau

Authentic Movement is based on movement impulses that lie within each one of us. Rooted in the principles of expressive dance and Jungian Depth Psychology, it has evolved into a widely practiced body-based discipline, which comprises guidelines and a defined structure. Learn more


October 12-14
Fall Contact Intensive with Andrew Harwood | Buy tickets

This intensive workshop will focus on four specific and fundamental facets of contact improvisation: sensations, space, time and our relationships with the other dancers. This will facilitate the development of a heightened and subtle presence in our solo, duet and trio dances, while remaining attentive to the ever-changing creative ensemble climate in our group compositions.

The intensive will include various somatic/release techniques, hands-on work, games, contact skills such as: rolling smoothly, falling safely, lifting easily, inverting, giving and supporting weight effortlessly and lofting, as well as numerous scores for dancing, warming down and discussions.

Open to adults of all ages with curious bodies and open minds.

About the instructor
Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood is an internationally recognized pioneer and master teacher of contact improvisation. He began his dance career in 1975 and for over forty years has dedicated himself to the research, education, development and dissemination of contact improvisation and real-time composition as sophisticated movement disciplines and performing art forms. Formerly artistic director of AH HA Productions (2000-2014) his work has evolved through ongoing collaborations with many renowned dancers (Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Peter Bingham, Benoît Lachambre, Marc Boivin, Lin Snelling, Chris Aiken, Ray Chung, Lisa Nelson and Kirstie Simson among many others) and various investigations of performance, composition, spatial design and numerous movement techniques. Andrew also danced for the companies of Marie Chouinard, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Jo Lechay and Fulcrum, as well as the improvisational ensembles The Echo Case and Discovery Bal. Passionate about teaching, his classes have been influenced by a wide variety of physical disciplines (gymnastics, athletics, yoga, contemporary dance, Aikido and various somatic approaches such as the Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement and Contemplative Dance), which he has shared throughout the world since 1976.

December 10-14
Winter Gaga Intensive with James Viveiros | Buy tickets


November 13–17
Justine Chambers Masterclass

November 20–24
James Viveiros, Gaga/dancers

November 23
James Viveiros, Gaga/people

December 11–15
Authentic Movement with Tedi Tafel

March 5-9
James Viveiros, Gaga/dancers

March 9
James Viveiros, Gaga/people

March 19-23
Spring Butoh/Noguchi Taiso Intensive with Yuko Kaseski and Mari Osanai