MZD’s interdisciplinary variety shows with a wide array of emerging and experimental artists. An all-ages and all-embracing event with an amazing new group of curators from a variety of backgrounds and artistic practices.

This evening has been put together with the theme of “Messages that will change the world, while not taking themselves too seriously.” Jake has put together a number of artists who are emerging and established, who actively create new and engaging work. This evening will contain elements of neo-bouffon antics, audience address, and absurdism. In this process Jake has found that there are so many artists that he hopes to work with in the future. Jake thanks Mile Zero for giving him the opportunity to fall back in love with all of the inspiring artists in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Some artists include:
– Collette Radau
– Caroline Venter and Gavin Wilkes
– Sammy Lowe
– Gabby Bernard

More to be announced!

Jake Tkaczyk is an Edmonton-based theatre artist with a passion for creating new and engaging work collaboratively. He graduated from the BFA Acting at the University of Alberta. Also a graduate of Red Deer College’s Theatre Performance and Creation program, Jake has worked as an actor, director, creator, and educator in central Alberta. Growing up in the farming community of Holden, Alberta and being gay, Jake has always been drawn to work that pushes the envelope and breaks traditional theatre and performance ‘rules.’ Jake recently received the AFA Young Artist Prize.