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Diasporic Dances: Rage, Reckonings, and Other Reflections

  Room 2048, created by Vancouver company Hong Kong Exile, was presented at the 2019 Expanse Festival by Mile Zero Dance and Azimuth Theatre in February. [...]

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Jake Tkaczyk talks Beyonce, embracing things when they go wrong, and more!

This April, local theatre artist Jake Tkaczyk will be curating and hosting Mile Zero Dance's (MZD) Dirt Buffet Cabaret for the first time. Tkaczyk is the fifth Edmonton-based [...]

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Krista Posyniak talks parenthood, the Polar Vortex, and Margie Gillis

Krista Posyniak is no stranger to Mile Zero Dance having worked administration for two years, but it'll be the first time she'll be curating and hosting Dirt [...]

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Q+A: Rosanna Terracciano, Linnea Swan, Amber Borotsik, & Gerry Morita

Rosanna Terracciano // PC: Tim Nguyen We love a good Q+A, but with Vue Weekly defunct and other mainstream media working on limited space, we [...]

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Get to know Barry Bilinsky, guest curator and host of Dirt Buffet Cabaret

Who is Barry Bilinsky? Besides being the guest curator and host of Dirt Buffet Cabaret on December 6, Bilinsky is an Alberta-based theatre artist of Metis/Cree descent, originally [...]

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