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Mile Zero Dance 2018/2019 Season: “Salt Lick”

Mile Zero Dance 2018/2019 Season: “Salt Lick” This season, Mile Zero Dance (MZD) is celebrating the action of creating something communally through small, persistent efforts. When cows carve [...]

Call for Participants

This summer, Mile Zero Dance (MZD) Artistic Director Gerry Morita is planning a site specific dance/music installation for outdoors, called "Dream Parade". Seeking 5-25 people who can [...]

Get to know Natalie Loveless, curator of Dirt Buffet Cabaret #32

Natalie Loveless has one hell of a résumé. Loveless teaches in the department of Art and Design (History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture) at the University of Alberta where [...]

Performance Review: Mar e Bito

Last weekend, Mile Zero Dance presented the world premiere of Mar e Bito, an original piece choreographed and performed by international artists, Yuko Kaseki (Germany/Japan) and Mari [...]