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Diasporic Dances: Rage, Reckonings, and Other Reflections

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  Room 2048, created by Vancouver company Hong Kong Exile, was presented at the 2019 Expanse Festival by Mile Zero Dance and Azimuth Theatre in February. [...]

Jake Tkaczyk talks Beyonce, embracing things when they go wrong, and more!

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This April, local theatre artist Jake Tkaczyk will be curating and hosting Mile Zero Dance's (MZD) Dirt Buffet Cabaret for the first time. Tkaczyk is the fifth Edmonton-based [...]

Krista Posyniak talks parenthood, the Polar Vortex, and Margie Gillis

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Krista Posyniak is no stranger to Mile Zero Dance having worked administration for two years, but it'll be the first time she'll be curating and hosting Dirt [...]

Q+A: Rosanna Terracciano, Linnea Swan, Amber Borotsik, & Gerry Morita

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Rosanna Terracciano // PC: Tim Nguyen We love a good Q+A, but with Vue Weekly defunct and other mainstream media working on limited space, we [...]

Get to know Barry Bilinsky, guest curator and host of Dirt Buffet Cabaret

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Who is Barry Bilinsky? Besides being the guest curator and host of Dirt Buffet Cabaret on December 6, Bilinsky is an Alberta-based theatre artist of Metis/Cree descent, originally [...]