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Michael Jenkins as Medium for the Message

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Photo by Brittany Snellen Michael Jenkins 4:00pm A slow ceremonial display of dressing in a crisp white suit and blood-red silk dress shirt set [...]

Let the festivities begin: the Zero Gravity Workshop Performances (Part 2)

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Mitchell Chalifoux- 2:00pm The first of four outdoor performances, Mitchell Chalifoux brought the indoors out, taking to the block surrounding dc3 Art Projects, and bringing curtains [...]

Let the festivities begin: the Zero Gravity Workshop Performances

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Let the festivities begin- 2:00pm Alysse Bowd- 2:15 Alysse Bowd’s motionless body lays in dead man’s pose, a mound of plucked dandelions is piled on top [...]

Today’s the Day: Zero Gravity International Performance Art Festival Kick Off

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Photo by: Brittany Snellen Today, May 16th, in the heart of Downtown Edmonton, dc3 Art Projects is buzzing with excitement as the participants from [...]

Sensing Spaces: an Intro to the Zero Gravity Performance Art Workshop

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Photo by Brittany Snellen Upon entering the workshop space at Dc3 Art Projects, on Saturday May 11th, I was immediately enveloped in a silent yet energized [...]

Five questions with Zero Gravity curator, Beau Coleman

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This month, Mile Zero Dance is venturing into the world of performance art with the debut of the Zero Gravity International Performance Art Summit, which contains [...]