Emily Storvold

October Visual Artist

Transmission still -Emily Storvold

Artist Statement

As an interdisciplinary artist I am most interested in ideas around personal and social connectivity as experienced and manifest through installation, animation, text and colour. Building from this, but also in response to the global pandemic we are all living through, I am deeply committed to understanding not only how to stay connected to people, but where this impulse is rooted.

For the Mile Zero Dance’s window space I am proposing a yet untitled piece that will build off of my most recent installation Transmission that I developed and presented on site at Ou Gallery in Duncan, BC. This work used plasticine, string, paper, 2D and 3D space, to create an immersive installation that nurtured relationships between shapes and movement and the viewers themselves. I have recently been working with watercolour and would like to incorporate that into the work as well.

I will add to the proposed work overtime (perhaps multiple times a week), so that folks walking by can witness the changes. The work will also be accompanied by text and lists that will be changed or replaced depending on my thoughts on that day. The text will either appear on the glass or embedded in the work. This opportunity would allow me to further my exploration of installation and performance.

Artist Biography

Emily Storvold (she/her) is based in Treaty 6 Territory, Edmonton AB. She is a multidisciplinary artist and writer whose work deals with anxiety, biology and space. She received a BA in English from MacEwan University in 2016 and graduated from MacEwan’s Fine Art Diploma program in 2019. Storvold is interested in how humans relate to the world. She aims to make art that not only reveals the connections and disconnections that we encounter, but reimagines those paths we travel in an abstract language.