2020/21 Mile Zero Dance Season 35

For the pandemic edition, Mile Zero Dance will be doing all performances and classes through digital formats. “De-Program” is an exploration of what we do as artists- what we need to change, what we are making art about, and who gets to participate. “De-Program” will be available and free to anyone with streaming access, and our performances will be by donation. While certain performances may end up having a live component to them, everything will be streamed online. We appreciate your support in this challenging season, and if you are able to donate or purchase a season pass, those funds will go towards our artist fees this season. We also encourage you to purchase a membership and participate in our fall 2020 AGM on October 18th at 2 pm.

“De-Program” is a season with a focus on new ways of building, maintaining, and creating dance and art that can evolve within the current and upcoming situations. MZD plans to be an important feature in Edmonton’s artistic fabric for years to come, and we hope that you are all dancing in your lives.

MZD Salons

These curated, themed interdisciplinary events will feature some of Edmonton’s most compelling performing artists rarely seen together, with space allowed for the audience to party at the end of each event.

Dance Crush

This series features evocative movement-based work that is indicative of the wide-ranging contemporary dance scene in Canada, all in a digital format.

Spazio Gallery

Monthly exhibitions curated by local artist Halie Finney. Viewable from the street and online.

October Visual Artist

Emily Storvold

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Quarantine Residencies

MZD is using Spazio Performativo to house artists in isolation to work on their various creative projects in a supportive environment. This amazing group of artists will be using our studio time to create their new works: Creeasian, Jen Mesch, Marynia Fekecz, Julianne Chapple, Kevin Jesuino, eryn tempest, and Tia Ashley Kushniruk. Their respective processes will be available online and we encourage discussion and feedback as they rehearse.

2020/21 Upcoming Shows

dance crush

The Spine Folds, Far Away

eryn tempest (Montreal/Edmonton)

October 23, 24

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The Disaster Show

Gerry Morita

November 27, 28

The Disaster Show — New site-specific, collaborative, devised work by MZD Artistic Director Gerry Morita, with a lens towards catastrophe and hope. This work will explore the elemental impacts of fire, wind, and ice and the very temporal fragility of the human body.

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MZD Salons

Midwinter Dreams


December 12

Curated by Creeasian, Edmonton’s prolific dancer and DJ, this event will feature a mix of artists celebrating the cold.

Dance Crush

Cruising at 30 Kilometers a Second and Attempting Not To Crash

Kevin Jesuino (Calgary)

February 12, 13

Dance Crush

City of Glass

Julianne Chapple (Vancouver)

March 12, 13

Dance Crush


Tia Ashley Kushniruk (Vancouver/Toronto, Edmonton)

April 16, 17

REELING: Dance on Screen Festival

May 2021

With the proliferation of dance being shared online, MZD will curate and share some of the most striking short films and local creations on screen featuring the moving body, while we explore notions of what it means to dance in the flat sphere.

MZD Salons

Fantasy Picnic

June 12

An indoor/outdoor culmination of the season, with audience invited to explore all the senses at once.

Past Shows

mzd salons


September 12

7 to 10 PM MDT | Online

By Donation

For the Season Opener of De-Program, Trent Crosby, MZD’s Technical Director, plays matchmaker between scenographers and dancers to experiment and explore ideas around creativity in the digital space.

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Our studio and gallery at Spazio Performativo is located in Edmonton, or Amiskwacîwâskahikan. ᐊᒥᐢᑿᒌᐚᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ meaning “beaver hills house”, in Cree. We are honoured to work in Treaty Six territory, which has been safeguarded by the Cree, Nakota, Blackfoot, Dene, Metis, and other Indigenous groups who prospered here before settlers arrived, and continue to make Edmonton a rich and generous place to live and work.

Photography on this page by Mat Simpson