Marynia Fekecz

Artist in Residence (September 15-24, 2020)

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography

Marynia will be in residence at Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, working with dance artists Kate Stashko and Krista Lin, along with outside eye Linnea Swan. Her current interests centre around repetition, combining live performance with technology, using rhythm to unite performers, task-based movement creation, how performers feel and connect with one another, and having sound created based on movement. Her inspiration for this creation is based on previous movement research which solidified her excitement for choreography that is repetitive and simplistic in nature. Choreographically the piece will be built from very few motifs. The dancers will repeat short, simple movements from the beginning to the end, breaking and rejoining synchronization in rhythm with each other on stage, which creates a clear sense of unity and consistency. These movements are changing through dynamics, tempo, structured tasks, perspective, spatial directions and different spatial configurations.

Artist Biography

Marynia Fekecz is  a dancer, performing artist, choreographer and dance educator. She creates multi-disciplinary and socially engaging dance for stage and the public space. She uses the body, visual imagery, technology and props to create thought provoking and visually stimulating dance experiences. She has many years of experience in the field of contemporary dance, improvisation and performance art gained while studying at the Poznan School of Social Sciences majoring in Dance, and through participation and creation in a variety of dance projects. She creates dance theatre, dance installations, dance films and multi-disciplinary performances and is passionate about dance and it’s ability to empower people, communities and societies. She is passionate about bringing dance into the public, exposing new audiences, interacting with and creating community in an immediate and experimental way.