Season 35 eryn tempest

The Spine Folds, Far Away

October 23rd | 7 PM Mountain Time

October 24th | 2 PM Mountain Time

eryn tempest

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Talk back after each performance facilitated by Thea Patterson

MZD Dance Crush

This series features evocative movement-based work that is indicative of the wide-ranging contemporary dance scene in Canada, all in a digital format.

The Spine Folds, Far Away, reimagines the body as a multitudinous structure of strange matter and alien organisms: a vessel in constant transformation always on the brink of collapse. It attempts to situate the human experience in terms of its relation to dreams, sensation, and the cosmos, using space and time travel to unpack the uncanny nature of an ever-evolving embodiment.

Artist Biography

eryn tempest is a choreographer and movement artist currently based out of Montreal with roots in Edmonton, Alberta. She is compelled by the exploration of movement and physicality within the context of emotion and affect. Her interest in subtle energies and vibrations in the body allow her to delve deeply into a research around state, and to question the transformative and propulsive capacities of imagination and emotion. She investigates the body as a conduit, a revealing zone wherein external forces and alien intelligences are activated and given reign to express themselves. eryn’s work has been presented by Nextfest, Expanse, Vous Êtes Ici/You Are Here, and Tangente Danse. She has received support from the Edmonton Arts Council, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts.

Program Credits

eryn tempest: choreography, performance, sound, editing
Rico Moran: cinematography
Thea Patterson: dramaturgical consultation
Technical Director: Trent Crosby
Technical Assistant: Tori Morrison
Digital Front of House: Kelly Ruth

Special thanks to:

Hal Annett, Deb Tempest, Jesse Tempest, Chris Bateman, Stephanie Bailey

eryn would like to acknowledge the generous support of

Mile Zero Dance
FAVA- Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta
Canada Council for the Arts