Leila Jarman’s work focuses on exploring the boundaries of unconventional narrative and the subversion of notions of aesthetics and beauty. They are interested in the dualities and contradictions that exist specifically within the human existential experience. This interest has pushed their work to explore the space between subtlety and drama, fiction and nonfiction, the beautiful and the grotesque, masculinity and femininity, etc.

Leila has directed over 50 long and short form multi-genre films, music videos and commercial works. Their visual art has been exhibited internationally and in galleries around the world including the TATE Britain, LACMA, MOCA and Ars Electronica. Their films have premiered and been featured on outlets such as Vice, The Creator’s Project, Paper Magazine, THUMP!, Afropunk, Paste Magasine, VH1, MTV Autre Magazine, Hyperallergic and The Guardian among others. http://www.leilajarman.com