Sarah Choi is an independent Korean-Canadian filmmaker born in Seoul, currently based in Seattle. Growing up in various cities in Korea, America and Canada, Sarah developed a nomadic sense of identity and a passion for diversity, art and justice. After graduating from college with a degree in Biology, Sarah made a leap of faith by moving to New York City to study documentary filmmaking. She is fascinated by the world of dance and animation and loves to incorporate them as powerful tools in her films.

About Light Dance Festival
Lights Dance Festival is a not-for-profit community initiative looking to build connections and make space for vibrant dance cultures. Our vision is to create a safe space for those who want to learn and encounter dance in a fresh way whilst providing a platform on which underrepresented artists can collaborate and showcase their work. With the belief that dance is a connecting force, capable of forging new relationships and hope, we strive for ways to evolve and increase our community engagement.