Half-Haitian and half-German, Marie La Vierge (Virgin Mary) was born and raised in Montreal. Activist, artist and translator, she holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and anthropology. Marie has been part of Montreal’s art scene since 2003. She started by organizing and curating other people’s performances and art before creating her own in 2009. Passionate for contemporary dance, she worked as a dance critic for CIBL and DFDanse. Self-taught, she has attended numerous dance classes since her childhood and multiple performance art workshops in the last decade. She is also a dedicated activist against capitalism, colonialism, racism and patriarchy, for ecology, justice, dignity and equality. She feels that this sick sad world needs a total revolution. She is particularly passionate about the liberation of Ayiti and the Ayitian people. Her art is about healing and liberating herself and all oppressed peoples and beings.

Artist Statement
Each one of my performances is a ritual delivery (tentative meiotic). Impregnated by an inner dialogue with the world, I give birth to what I know without knowing; to what is buried deep down inside my body, my cells, my atoms, my DNA, my intuition, my imagination, my memory. My artistic approach is about spiritual, emotional and intellectual healing. I strip and relentlessly skin off layers of myself looking for underpinnings, essence, origins, universality and history. Driven by the energy of my Eros, I call upon symbols, images, fears, emotions, smells, repulsion, movements and upon collective and individual subconsciousness to overcome the limits of our logos and open up a path towards the invisible. I put myself in danger to provoke a mutual healing through catharsis. My practice can be referred to as “cruelty theatre” (Antonin Artaud). My work is informed by my feminist, antiracist and anarchist perspective.