Nancy Sandercock’s practice incorporates dance and somatic training, craft and visual art, and experimental sound. A member of the post-rock group Polar Goldie Cats (1992-2015), they performed in artist Mike Kelley’s Day is Done (2005), danced for visionary choreographer Yvonne Rainer and acted in filmmaker Kyle Armstrong’s breakthrough feature Until First Light (2018). Their work has been co-produced by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Edmonton Arts Council, Brian Webb Dance Company and Mile Zero Dance.

Ian Crutchley lives in Edmonton. His ongoing education in creativity and in life has been informed by a remarkable menagerie of wise, sharing and loving people. His practice includes composition, improvisation and performances with dancers. He uses traditional instruments, bits and bobs he has found in junk shops and alleyways. Ian is a founding member of the improvisation group damn magpies, manages a used bookstore and is Artistic Director of New Music Edmonton.

Artist Statement:

We reject the boundaries of practice and training.

A new work or performance has to be found through excavation, not building or making.

It’s possible something gross happened at a picnic when Ian was young.

Nancy recently experienced hasselback potatoes for the first time, but not at a picnic, and nothing gross happened.

We would gladly eat donuts in the rain as a performance. Too bad about the drought. Maybe sprinklers are the answer.

To paraphrase John Cage, we would rather people laugh at our performances than cry.

We have no interest in the safety of the things we know we can do. Someday we want to make a piece that includes EVERYTHING! …or a piece that includes nothing.

Drifting at the reality limit. Ineffability, the means and the goal. Nancy’s mother told them she was almost carried away by a bear at a picnic