Ryuta Iwashita (they/them) currently lives and improvises in Bulbancha (New Orleans) as a movement/performance/visual artist and educator after living in Japan for 25 years. Their artistic lexicons are rooted in social justice, somatics, child education, and ancestral and healing work including 祖体 (SOTAI) of which Ryuta is its conceiver. Their work and teaching have been accepted by internationally renowned organizations such as Isa Arts Center (JAPAN), Contact Improv Dance Chengdu (CHINA), Jacob’s Pillow (MA), Tulane University (LA), and New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center (LA). Their current interst is to grow their ring finger and thumb nails.

Artist Statement:
My work revolves around relationships. Relationships to my ancestors, community, nature, time, memories. It illuminates a relational constellation of past, present, and future, witnessed by the easeful gaze of the multiverse. My work also moves and responds to contrast. The contrast between my Japanese heritage and my westernized life in New Orleans, between a day of organic farming and a night of MSG-heavy instant noodles, between my partner’s indulge in watching TikTok and my grandfather’s indulge in eating raw chicken gizzards, and between my vintage kimono and my new MacBook. As I am pausing and moving with relationship and contrast, my work becomes a utopia for my SOTAI (ancestral body) where tangible and intangible, body and spirit merge in the liminal space.