August 24, 2021

Greetings humans,

Welcome to Mile Zero Dance’s 2021/22 Season, SITE LINES.

After a solid year and a half of pandemic response-oriented dance activity, and closing our studio in Little Italy, Mile Zero Dance is revving up to bring back live dance! We are doing so through a hybrid mix of our digital-based existence in addition to site-based performance work.

You will find our work in storefronts, in galleries, or in abandoned buildings in the city. SITE LINES is designed as an opportunity to celebrate dance in person, but under considerably different conditions than pre-pandemic. We will all be negotiating new boundaries and preferences, and participating in a group may even feel weird for a while, but the communal nature of sharing dance performance is worth it in my opinion! SITE LINES embraces the nature of seeing live performance and finding the best perspective to view it from. Since we are no longer confined to our computer screens, we can all take our freedom to make our vantage point and perspective personal.

Look for the unexpected in our programming as well, with our two new Associate Artists- Stephanie Patsula and Lebo Disele- who are curating and honing their own work in cross-mentorship with our team. Out-of-town artists who I am pleased to welcome are: Neil Cadger (Inner Fish Productions in Kelowna), Mélanie Demers (MAYDAY in Montreal) and Pamela Tzeng (Calgary).

Join us at our Season Opener, “Salvaged”, at Lowlands Art Projects, Sept 17–19, with three different dance events, including: Deviani Andrea, Jen Mesch, Jason Romero, Masani St. Rose, Katherine Semchuk, and Jeannie Vandekerkhove, in collaboration with sculptures in the garden. As always—dress accordingly!

From the MZD staff, Board of Directors, and myself, have a great season with us, and be good to each other.

In the spirit of dance,
Gerry Morita, Artistic Director

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