Season 35 
MZD Salons

Cruising at 30 Kilometers a Second and Attempting Not To Crash

Streaming  live on: 

  • February 12 – 7 PM MST
  • February 13 – 2 PM MST

A community participatory performance that examines how human bodies are in relationship to nature and examines theatrical and human failure through the lens of LGBTQ+ & BIPOC individuals. 

Conceived by multidisciplinary artist facilitator, teacher, arts producer and community organizer – Kevin Jesuino – the online show features fifteen participants who identify as part of, or as allies with Edmonton’s LGBT or BIPOC communities. 

Participants include Shrina Patel, Shannon Murphy, Sebastian Rueda, Sar J Culkin, Roseanna Joy Nay, Nuala Kennedy, NIUBOI, Nikki Barran, Moses Kouyaté, Monica Gate, Mitchell Chalifoux , Falon Scheers, Antonio Bavaro. 

Without complete knowledge of each other’s activities, participants journey into nature to pre-record a video based on a simple score provided by Jesuino. All footage remains unedited and unseen until it’s played simultaneously at a live performance. 

Tickets are ‘pay what you can’ with a suggested price of $15 to support programming. Those unable to purchase a ticket at this time are welcome to a free ticket.


About Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino is a Portuguese-Canadian queer multidisciplinary artist, facilitator, teacher, arts producer and community organizer working in performance and socially engaged art. He is based in Mohkinsis of Treaty 7 territory, also known as Calgary, Canada. His work is oftentimes collaborative, site-specific, participatory, and process-oriented. His practice explores the intersection of the body, society and place. His recent research explores the queer body, ecology, fragility and modes of being together. His community-embedded projects engage participants in performative actions, discussions, creative interventions, activations and other forms of organizing — positioning art & culture as a vehicle for meaningful social change.