Rebecca Bissonnette, Education Coordinator

February 23

Rebecca has always had a love of dance, no matter what anyone else told her. She firmly believes that EVERY BODY CAN MOVE – a vision to SHIFT the perception of what a dancer looks like. Having been told in a variety of ways both as a child and as an adult, that she was too “something” – tall, muscular, bouncy, fat, the list goes on – she was motivated to create opportunities for herself, while opening doors for others. Rebecca is a trained dancer, an engaging performer and a fierce advocate for movement.

She teaches dance with Freedom School Of Dance, Fierce And Curvy Empire and is the Operations Manager for CRIPSiE. She’s choreographed for Mile Zero Dance’s Magpie Festival, Leduc Drama Society, No Big Deal, Fierce Onstage, Shift Happens Dance and The John Cameron Changing Lives Foundation.

Rebecca is a technically trained dancer, having spent her childhood at Shelley’s Dance Company, where she danced her little heart out for 14 years. She happily took classes in a variety of disciplines – ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, baton, highland, pointe and musical theatre. As a dance educator, she gets everyone moving!

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