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Bodies + Screens (pt.3) by Julianne Chapple

Part three. The pandemic has passed the one year mark. It’s been so long since I’ve been in the studio with another person that I’m welling up just putting a rehearsal on the calendar. I’ve been working with Maxine through emails and videos over a month where first I was in quarantine, and then she was. We’re building a performance that plays with liveness, intercutting real time footage with greenscreened images imported into some imagined location. I’ve been staring [...]

Bodies + Screens (pt.2) by Julianne Chapple

Part two. It’s been a long time that we’ve all been apart and most everyone has succumbed to the screens. Having gone through phases of attempted connection and intentional solitude, I’m trying to engage with more art. I sit upright at my computer. I angle it slightly to make my background a little less cluttered. The lighting on my face is terrible, but I’ve long given up on looking cute over Zoom. The piece is interactive and while I [...]

Bodies + Screens (pt.1) by Julianne Chapple

Part one.      It’s early in the pandemic and empty days stretch out long. Being in the studio feels  strange and uneasy, but I’m eager to attempt something, to still be connected to  dance and to the outside world. I had chosen an old piece to remount for live stream.  Something voyeuristic and cyclical, meant for the audience to come in and out of. It  had been a durational performance in a small art gallery a few years [...]

Black Joy 3

My resume tells a story of an artist who has performed alongside remarkable artists across numerous stages. But, if I am honest, I can barely remember what came before many of those performances. Of the few creative processes I can recall, one has filled many pages of my journal (I rarely journal, but knew that this special experience could not go undocumented). The process was drastically different from any of my art creation experiences, and it serves as an [...]

Black Joy 2

Yesterday, I rang up two friends and had an extensive conversation about Black Joy with each of them. I was particularly interested in their understanding of the term Black Joy, uniquely Black experiences that brought them joy, as well as their bodies' expressions of joy. Below are shortened versions of these two delightful conversations. Cindy Ansah Black Joy is integral to sustaining life, sustaining culture. It is pervasive—always part of the atmosphere despite what is going on because it is [...]

Black Joy

By Mpoe Mogale Over the past years, I have spent a lot of my time bringing to light the insidious nature of Canadian anti-Black racism. This was an underlying theme in everything I created—artistically, academically, and in advocacy. This vigilant focus of speaking to Blackness in relation to racism and whiteness contributed to the overrepresent narratives of Black life as lacking, struggling, and traumatic. There is an overemphasis of these themes in articles and stages that they have become [...]

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