December 17, 2021

We were excited to announce Todd Houseman as this year’s Progressive Artist Award recipient, and made the announcement during a small award ceremony that was part of MZD’s 2021 winer Salon, Sight/Site/Place. Thank you to our sponsors Park Power, Gerry Potter, and David Garfinkle for making this all possible.

The MZD Progressive Artist Award recognizes the achievements of Edmonton-based artists who actively work in the arts and engage with the community in challenging and exciting ways. The award recipient will be chosen by a local panel of adjudicators and will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

David Garfinkle (Left), Todd Houseman (Right)

About Todd Houseman
Todd Houseman is a Nehiyaw performer and writer from Amiskwaciy. He is the co-creator (with Ben Gorodetsky) of the comedy web-series Folk Lordz, and co-creator of the award winning play Whiteface (with Lady Vanessa Cardona). In 2020, Todd was awarded Alberta’s Best Actor at the Rosie Film awards for his work in the short film version of Whiteface. In 2021 Todd was awarded a position on the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation’s Top 30 Under 30. Recently, Todd’s play The Children of the Bear was commissioned by Toronto’s Outside the March and is in development as a large-scale immersive play. In his free time, he enjoys building masks, forging knives, or being in the forests of western Alberta.

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