Fantasy Picnic2021-06-14T14:16:26-04:00
Season 35 
MZD Salon

Fantasy Picnic

Curated by Mikiki

The transitional time of Spring is historically associated with renewal, rebirth, and change. More recently, spring is linked in our consciousness with the founding of the TRC, the Arab and Maple Springs.

Plant material has decomposed to bring its richness to the next generation of seedlings, kombucha scobys and sourdough starters keep our bodies connected to processes of fermentation, bio-chemical changes and our own guts.

This is a time for us to celebrate and reinvent but also – in this moment of frisson with covid still present and lockdowns opening and closing – how do we drop down into our bodies to push our physicality, frivolity and fierceness up and into the world.


Artist Bios


Mikiki is a performance & video artist and queer community health activist of Acadian/Mi’kmaq and Irish descent from Ktaqmkuk/Newfoundland. They attended NSCAD and Concordia before returning to [...]

Branko Milisković 

Branko Milisković b.1982 in Belgrade, Serbia. Milisković studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2007 he has received the Dutch scholarship [...]

Nancy Sandercock & Ian Crutchley

Nancy Sandercock’s practice incorporates dance and somatic training, craft and visual art, and experimental sound. A member of the post-rock group Polar Goldie Cats (1992-2015), [...]

Marie La Vierge

Half-Haitian and half-German, Marie La Vierge (Virgin Mary) was born and raised in Montreal. Activist, artist and translator, she holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy [...]

Nicole Schafenacker & Ash Weckesser

Nicole Schafenacker is a writer, performer and artist-researcher. Her most recent work is an interdisciplinary project entitled Ecologies of Intimacy that has been performed in [...]

Ryuta Iwashita

Ryuta Iwashita (they/them) currently lives and improvises in Bulbancha (New Orleans) as a movement/performance/visual artist and educator after living in Japan for 25 years. Their [...]

Sandra Lamouche

Sandra Lamouche a Nehiyaw Iskwew (Cree Woman) living near and married into the Piikani Nation in Southern Alberta. She is currently completing her M.A. thesis [...]

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