November 24, 2021

This Season, MZD has commissioned poets to respond to the work created by dance artists. Thinking about dance through poetry adds a different perspective to the work and opens up conversation between artists in their creative practice.

Dwennimmen aka Shima A. Robinson’s poem Site/Sight/Place is in reponse to MZD Associate Artist Lebo Disele’s curated production of the same name.

Site/Sight/Place is December 11 – 8PM MT, in person and online.

By Dwennimmen aka Shima A. Robinson

At the site where brown soil nurtures
the grave inception
of wellness, warmth and strength
there lives a stark contrast between
stoic stances taken
and the overflowing of blue emotions
for mourning
and read celebrations
conducting lively steps
through the golden glint
of our promised best
Recognition is currency
begets intuitive urgency
we gauge the measures
of electric success
in intentional attention
seeing broadly
speaking loudly and softly
bestowing wisdom
through silent symbols that spurr
collective calling to whirl
reminding us to draw
sacred breath
as we unfurl
With oratory and sway
the thrust and jut of bodies
the smooth harmonious flow
of limbs in collusion
on display aglow
hips that tell stories
deeper than history permits
as we gather up folds

to combine messages
pursuing fruits of our labour
and lessons of love
remonstrance and caution
in the searing heat
of this historical hum
into the fullness
of every exchange
we bring forward glinting clinking keys
jangling in our own raised fists
to unlock the brutal blockage
release souls held hostage
by heavy misty eyed stillness
bursting into the freedom
of bounding
pound for pound
with purposeful prose
A place called continent
stands as coveted conduit
an identity called Black
old enough to be determined
new enough to bear rehearsing
we hold each other searching
with open aspect
seed coats cracked
bearing histories in the making
for new generations
in the twirl and uplift
of images
and dances
given as gifts
embodied by the same bodies

that heal and are healed
in the same ways
that injury and agony
reveal us
in our nearness
with movements to make
our songs are at stake
in this feast of the senses
we are called to celebrate
On site
on sight
held soundly
in place

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