September 9, 2021

SALVAGE is September 17, 18 & 19

Mile Zero Dance's 2021/22 Season Opener – SALVAGE – is three days of dance that features six dancers with new works to share! Read all about there upcoming performances and then get your tickets to see for yourself!

Katherine Semchuk

Performing at SALVAGE Friday, September 17 – 8PM MT

Inspired by the process of upcycling, Katherine has sifted through old improvisational videos from the last year and half of solitary dancing to find material to work with for Salvage. Using found movements from past explorations, she will stitch together a new choreographic entity. Katherine will be joined by bassist/composer Julian Anderson-Bowes, who will be improvising a score in response to the dance that emerges. 

Jason Romero

Performing at SALVAGE Friday, September 17 – 8PM MT

Jen Mesch

Performing at SALVAGE Saturday, September 18 – 8PM MT

Jen Mesch and BlipVert jointly merge subdued tension with maniacal outbursts. Eclectic and unpredictable, the duo is continuing a concept from an earlier collaboration. 

Masani St.Rose

Performing at SALVAGE Saturday, September 18 – 8PM MT

Rebirth – Picking up the pieces from the earth and within, celebrating my ancestors and the gifts,  through rhythm, vibrations and drum I am connecting from soul to sole.

Deviani Andrea

Performing at SALVAGE Sunday, September 19 – 8PM MT

Jeannie Vandekerkhove

Performing at SALVAGE Sunday, September 19 – 8PM MT

Taking inspiration from Amy Sallenbach's - Sedir, Jeannie will be reimagining stories of the Three Fates spinning, cutting and weaving the Thread of Life, and connecting these rituals to the three phases of life - birth, expansion and death. 

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