September 17, 2021

A conversation between Artists, eryn tempest and Stephanie Patsula, centred on the digital body, cyborgs, glitches in the matrix and lens based practices.

The intersection of technology and the body has implemented an era of augmentation. Simple cybernetic interventions such as medical implants have impacted millions of individuals worldwide, our Western tech-tools and devices expand the reach of commerce and workflow, and I can recognize the cyborg-in-me every time I pop in my contact lenses. However, this discussion aims to refocus these body hacks and reposition them in the Arts. Technology has instigated major shifts in viewer-ship of the visual and performing arts, and artists are expressing the possibilities through their work now more than ever.

Presently Mile Zero Dance is host to Artist in Residence, eryn tempest, and their work is no stranger to the augmentation and fragmentation of digital and real-world identity. tempest’s latest project; Parallax, is a multimedia installation and dance performance that combines digital and analog technologies alongside the movements of a live dancer.

Since it only makes sense to let this discourse happen in the limitless ether elsewhere, this back and forth has been confined to digital and online platforms.

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