The Magpie Collection: Workshops

Held at The U of A Fine Arts Building
in The Movement Studio
Room Number 3-117

$15 for each workshop

$90 for Workshop Pass

July 16 Saturday
2 PM Richard Lee

July 17 Sunday
12 PM Bhangra in #YEG with Soni Dasmohapatra
2 PM Groove with Ivan Touko

July 18 Monday
12 PM Beginner Ballet with Jodie Vandekerkhove
2 PM Grant Writing with Jodie Vandekerkhove (free)
7 PM Garuda with Raena Waddell

 19 Tuesday
12 PM Metis Jigging with Rebecca Sadowski
2 PM Beginner Ballet with Kathy Metzger

July 20 Wednesday
12 PM Usha Gupta Dance Entourage Class
2 PM Beginner Contemporary Modern with Kathy Metzger

July 21 Thursday
12 PM Contact Improvisation warmup and jam with Shira Ben Yoav (free)
2 PM Asian Contemporary Dance with Minggao Zhang


Richard Lee

Richard Lee is an Edmonton-based performer, creator, and educator. He holds a B.F.A. in Acting from the University of Alberta and has independently studied contemporary dance across North America and Europe. He has danced in works for the Good Women Dance Collective, Mélanie Demers, Amber Borotsik, Tania Alvarado, Mile Zero Dance, Kloetzl&co., Cloudsway Dance Theatre, Brian Webb, and Troy Emery Twigg, among others. As an actor, he has worked with numerous Albertan companies including the Citadel Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects, Banff Centre Playwright’s Lab, Northern Light Theatre, Teatro La Quindicina, and Concrete Theatre. He has taught movement for MacEwan University Theatre Arts, the University of Alberta’s B.F.A. program, Citadel-Robbins Young Company, and Theatre Alberta’s Artstrek.

Soni Dasmohapatra

Soni has been an artist for a large part of her life. She’s studied the Indian classical dance forms of Kathak and Oddissi for over two decades and has also studied Hindustani vocal, harmonium and tabla. Soni has choreographed and performed folk dances such as Bhangra and Bellydance nationally across Canada. She is passionate about sharing this dance form and teaching others the joy of Bhangra.

Ivan Touko

Born and raised in Cameroon, Ivan cultivated his passion for African dance styles through Coupé Décalé, Ndombolo, Bensikin, Bikutsi and other contemporary dance styles from West Africa. Since then, he has trained and/or been introduced to other styles of dance from all over the globe including but not limited to: Dancehall, Bachata, Salsa, and Bhangra.

Ivan is passionate about using dance as a vehicle to connect with one's body and relieve stress while bringing people together in joyful and empowering environments. 

Jodie Vandekerkhove

Jodie Vandekerkhove has extensive training and education in the field of dance, holding a BFA (Simon Fraser University, Canada) and MA (University of Alberta, Canada). Jodie's MA research focused on Ethical Practices for Beginner Ballet Class. The results have been published in Vandekerkhove, J. (2018). At The Barre: Ethical Training for Beginner Ballet Class. In P. Markula & M. Clark (Eds.), The evolving feminine ballet body (pp. 127-150). Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta Press. She has danced professionally for various choreographers and performed with Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy, KO Dance project, Heidi Bunting, and Mile Zero Dance. Jodie appreciates all diverse backgrounds and abilities in dance and everyone's unique way of moving. She’s passionate about teaching dance. 

Raena Waddell

Fascinated with the human body communicating through movement, Raena has built a 20+ year career as a dancer, choreographer and movement instructor in Edmonton.  She has premiered 17 of her own choreographic works in Alberta, receiving the Brian Webb Dance Company award in 2000 and the Edmonton Artist Trust Fund Award in 2012. Raena has trained extensively in Garuda Matwork, Apparatus, Barre and Chair with founder, James D’Silva.  Raena holds her Pilates Method, Hatha and Yin Yoga certification studying with Tracy Friesen, Melanie Checknita and Joe Barnett.  She has 12 years experience as a Movement Instructor for the City of Edmonton along with Orchesis at the University of Alberta. teaches movement classes in hopes to encourage a sense of curiosity in her students as to how and what makes their body move.  

Rebecca Sadowski

Rebecca is an Edmonton-based Métis performer, choreographer, and dance instructor. She has recently joined the Good Women Dance Collective as a collective artist as well as a curator for the Nextfest Festival. She currently teaches dance with dancED Movement Project, and the City of Edmonton.

She continues to deepen her connection to her Métis roots by learning Métis jigging and the traditional skill of finger-weaving sashes.

Kathy Metzger

Kathy Metzger is a dance artist, choreographer and teacher of ballet, contemporary modern, creative dance and Pilates. Since 1990, she’s taught all ages and levels at schools in Edmonton. Kathy has choreographed works for Dirty Feet Productions, Alberta Dance Explosions, Edmonton Dance Centre, Citie Ballet, Expanse Festival and Orchesis.  Her professional performing experience includes Mile Zero Dance, Brian Webb Dance Co., Usha Gupta, Heidi Bunting, Tamara Bliss, Citie Ballet, The New Dance Collective, Kathy Ochoa and Kathleen Hughes. After finishing her Masters of Arts (2017), Kathy began teaching dance studies for the University of Alberta, Concordia University and the City Arts Centre, Dance Code Studio. She performs regularly with KO dance projects and Initial 6 – a dance research group.

Usha Gupta

Usha Gupta started learning dance and music from the age of four while growing up in her native homeland of Jalandhar, India. Today, she’s highly regarded as an ambassador of cultural diversity in Edmonton and across Canada, known for her exceptional body of work in traditional and contemporary Indian classical dance.

Usha continues to learn, teach, and present both dance and music, as a highly prolific Canadian and Indian dance artist, choreographer and teacher. Her incredible commitment to the growth of the arts and culture community has further supported and advocated for South Asian arts to find an important place in Canada.

Shira Ben Yoav

Shira has  been dancing, teaching and creating through elements of release techniques, floor work, use of flow, weight, gravity taken from martial arts, butoh and contact Improvisation. She’s worked as a creative dance facilitator for the last 20 years in Israel, Denmark and Canada. She has a B.A. in physical education and dance, focused on improvisation techniques. In Improvisation, she specializes in awareness development and emotional intelligence/expression. Shira likes to find an authentic expression in depth and also works outdoors in relation to nature.

Minggao Zhang

Minggao Zhang is a professional dancer, choreographer, and lecturer with over 20 years of experience in both dance and theatre.

He received his formal professional dance training in Chinese classical dance, Tai Ji and Chinese folk dance from Shanghai Dance School (1992). He continues to pursue his profession in dance with the Shanghai Orient Youth Dance Company. In 2021, Minggao received his Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Practice (University of Alberta). Currently, he is a lecturer in the Department of Drama (University of Alberta).