Mile Zero Dance
Venue Rentals

Our studio and warehouse venue spaces in the heart of Ritchie are available for your event, parties, rehearsals, film shoots, workshops and presentations.

The Studio

Perfect for workshops, intimate presentations, rehearsals of new work and any small events. MZD's Studio space provides a professional setting equipped with floor to ceiling mirror, dance-friendly professional flooring and excellent lighting.

$50/hour for teaching and classes
$25/hour for rehearsals
$100/ Security Deposit 


MZD's Warehouse space has the perfect combination of amenities and features for multiple purposes, including live performance, larger workshops, auditions, events and presentations.

RENTAL PRICING | The Warehouse 
$300/half day (4 hours)
$500/full day (Up to 12 hours)
$2,500 for the full week.
$500/ Security Deposit 


What is the capacity of the space?

The warehouse space has a capacity of 150 people and the upstairs studio space has a capacity of 25 people.

How big is the space?

The Warehouse space is 1699 square feet and the upstairs studio space is 783 square feet.

Can I book in half hour increments?

No, at this time we only offer rental rates on an hourly basis.

Do your spaces have mirrors?

Our warehouse space does not have mirrors however, our upstairs studio space does have mirrors.

How far in advance do I need to book? 

We do not limit how far in advance bookings need to be made. However we cannot guarantee space reservation or hand over keys until the contract has been signed and the deposit and half of the rental fee is received. 

Can I book last minute?

We take last minute bookings on a case by case basis. If the space is available and we are able to get the contract signed and you are able to get the deposit and rental fee paid in full then we are able to do last minute bookings.

Are there washroom facilities?

Yes, there are 3 washrooms in our main floor lobby just outside the Warehouse space and there are an additional 2 washrooms upstairs in our studio space.

What are the operating hours for a rental?

We do not currently have specific operating hours for rentals. A rental can occur at any time.

How accessible are the spaces?

The downstairs area is quite accessible. We have a cleared path from the front door to the warehouse space. We have two accessible washroom facilities on the main floor as well. Please note that we do not yet have an automatic front door and the sidewalk outside needs to be improved as well. The upstairs studio space is only accessible via stairs at this time.

Is there WIFI available?

Yes, we have WIFI we can provide to clients.

What are the rules regarding food and drink?

Food and drink are welcome however, we do ask renters to take responsibility for any messes created, we provide cleaning supplies on site and ask that spaces be returned to how they were found before the end of a rental. Any repairs or cleaning that need to be made due to damages caused by spills or mishaps will be deducted from the security deposit as needed.

How does the cleaning of the rental work?

We provide some cleaning supplies and request that each renter cleans up after themselves upon the end of their rental. The space must be left as it was found, this includes taking any garbage and bottles and cans out when leaving. 

What equipment is available?

In each space we provide a speaker on a stand with an aux attachment. In the studio space upstairs there are yoga mats. We also have a first aid kit for each space. Anything on top of these provided materials would be an extra charge that must be discussed before the creation of the contract.

 What is the cancellation policy?

The Renter can cancel their agreement up to two weeks prior to the event, after which time cancellation by the user for any reason will result in forfeiture of the portion of the rental fee which has been paid. The security deposit will be returned, upon return of the keys to the space, as well as any other equipment that has been rented or loaned. Failure to return the equipment or keys will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit.


Have any more questions or looking to get started on your first rental booking? Get in touch with MZD's Facility Coordinator, Curtis Gauthier, at!