March Visual Artist

Gracie Safranovich

Title: May Flowers

May Flowers is a series of embroidered illustrations depicting several varieties of Alberta’s wildflowers including: Alpine Fireweed (Epilobium latifolium), Sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale), Ox-eye Daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare), Alpine Aster (Aster alpinus), Blue Columbine (Aquilegia brevistyla), Prairie Crocus (Anemone patens), White Mountain Heather (Cassiope mertensiana), Western Wood Lily (Lilium philadelphicum), Arctic Lupin (Lupinus Arcticus), White Mountain Avens (Dryas octopetala), and Twinflower (Linnaea borealis).

In reference to the well known saying “April showers bring may flowers” this piece highlights wildflowers which grow as a result of heavy rainfall, as well as those that thrive in other extreme or very specific conditions. While this piece only shows a limited number of the wildflowers that can be found in Alberta, it aims to create a sense of appreciation and foster further interest and exploration in the viewer for the many intriguing and beautiful plant species throughout the province.

About the Artist
Gracie Safranovich is an emerging fibre artist based in Alberta and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Inspired by information gathered from the studies of biology, mycology, and botany, Gracie aims to translate scientific concepts and descriptions of these fields into visually interesting works that showcase the unseen processes, mysteries, and beauty of the natural world.