December Visual Artist

Lauren Lepp


About the Artist

Lauren Lepp (she/her) is currently based in Treaty 8 territory in a little hamlet called Faust.   Lauren is a visual artist that primarily works in the medium of drawing and has been experimenting with metal to create handmade brass nails to accompany her work.  Lauren has always had a strong connection to nature, this influences her practice which revolves around nature’s beauty, fragility and often harsh reality. In her drawings nature serves as a visual metaphor to symbolize the complex tensions of our humanity and often paradoxical connection to the environment.

Artist Statement

Float is a large scale diptych drawing and fleeting, a new singular drawing,  both pieces incorporate a detailed drawing technique and sculptural elements. These  new works will address our connection to the environment through movement and  pattern and the fetishized natural found object. They are inspired by the complex  flight patterns of birds and how they have influenced dance choreography.

float and fleeting draw on our appreciation of endless inspiration and guidance  that nature provides. By focusing on the parts of the body that draw attention to  finishing detail of a dance gesture and of the complex flight patterns, the work  promotes the embodiment movement. The nails ground the piece in that present  moment while the fingers and feathers reach out at that other worldly feeling in those  experiences of performing. floating and fleeting is meant to leave an impression of  reflection, wonder and awe, like a viewer watching the fluidity of dance or a bird flying  overhead.