February Visual Artist

Roseanna Nay

Title: Etiquette for Dead-Ends

Etiquette for Dead-Ends, considers collective approaches for handling roads to nowhere, and coping with an obscured vision of what lies ahead. I am thinking of dead-ends as conceptual arenas for reoccurring scenarios to be rehashed and reworked, yielding potential clarity for the future or dooming us to perpetually relive past failures. The instructional performances I have devised, are how-to guides for being lost between potential choices, and accompaniments to the act of remembering through familiar objects, collapsing time to visit the same mundane moments over and over.

About the Artist

Roseanna Joy Nay (she/they) is a visual artist based in Edmonton on Treaty 6 territory. They hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta. Their work is interdisciplinary, spanning across sculpture and performance, with a focus on embodied research methods. 

Within their practice, Roseanna is exploring interpersonal relationships and family dynamics. As a queer identifying individual and a third generation farmer, their art practice is seeking to bind aspects of their identity which have previously felt at odds with one another. 
As of late, Roseanna has performed as a part of Shooting Gallery Performance Series #9. Additionally, they are performing in a new movement work by choreographer Peggy Baker and CRIPSiE (Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton) later this year

Artist Statement:

Within their practice, Nay is exploring interpersonal  relationships and family dynamics. They are looking at how  formative personal narratives endure and cross-over from past to  present, ultimately projecting themselves into our future  through day-to-day objects and interactions. They tend to use  objects they have a life-long relationship with, materials that  stretch back to the beginning and in a way seem to go on  forever.